Computer Stuff

After keep looking at forums and retailer websites for a month, I suddenly feel kind of sick of looking at computer stuff.  I probably is too depressed at the fact that there’s little chance for me get the new computer any time soon.Still plan to go to Best Buy tomorrow to pick up that $1 128mb RAM though…

Sounds of 2004

Top songs, albums and artists that I’ve listened to in 2004. (Yes, I use a winamp plug-in to track these kind of things)

Top 20 Songs:

1. 我也很想他 孫燕姿

2. 怎樣 戴佩妮

2. 自由行 楊千嬅
好奇怪,暑假之前,每次 plan 去台灣的事的時候,都會想聽這首歌

4. 聽不到 梁靜茹
暗戀者之歌 :p

4. 必殺技 古巨基

6. 我們的愛 F.I.R.
Lydia 讓我認識 F.I.R. 我們的愛讓我喜愛 F.I.R.

7. 接受 梁靜茹

8. 大方 方力申
唱 K 必唱 😀

9. 找我 梁漢文
「你點解要避開我?」 😀

9. 純真 梁靜茹

9. Lydia F.I.R.
讓我認識 F.I.R. 的歌。還記得那是在時代廣場的 CD Warehouse 看到這首歌的 MTV ,立即愛上這首歌。

12 好好戀愛 方力申、鄧麗欣
13 思覺失調 劉浩龍
13 慢慢來 孫燕姿
15 時光機 五月天
16 飄流教室 古巨基
17 遺失的美好 張韶涵
17 十惡不赦 劉浩龍
19 八里公路 梁漢文
19 如果有一天 梁靜茹

Top 10 Albums:

1. Stefanie 同名專集 孫燕姿

2. 燕尾蝶 下定愛的決心 梁靜茹

3. Startup… 劉浩龍

4. 遊戲•基 古巨基
03 聽到 04

5. F.I.R. 飛兒樂團同名專集 F.I.R.
Can you say 一炮而紅?
推介:我們的愛, Lydia ,你的微笑

6. Never Walk Alone 方力申

7. Over the Rainbow 張韶涵
See No. 5

8. Electric Girl 電光幻影 楊千嬅

8. Effort & Love 梁漢文
喜歡開頭幾個 track ,後邊的無乜印象。 :p

10. 戀愛的力量 梁靜茹
推介:聽不到, Fly Away

Top 10 Singers:

1. 梁靜茹
2. 五月天
3. 孫燕姿
4. 古巨基
5. 梁漢文
6. 楊千嬅
7. 容祖兒
8. 劉浩龍
9. F.I.R.
10. 方力申

Desk Conditions

I’ve grown rather unsatisfied at the conditions and facilities around my desk. I want a larger keyboard tray so that I don’t have to hang my wrist while using the mouse. I want a wall mounted CD shelf (maybe 2?) instead of the vertical one that current sits on my desk (it only contains my more frequently listened to CDs). I want a wall mounted white board to serve as a to-do list.

Perhaps I am using these as excuses to my inefficency in working? (In the style of Halu in Pride) Maybe.

Blog Discovered

So, one month after I created the blog, it is finally discovered by Ed. 🙂

Life has been uneventful of late. The holiday had been uneventful, and the start of the school term had been uneventful. I am having the feeling of getting stuck again. 🙁

I was thinking about getting a new computer during the holidays. I got as far as trying to order the system, only the scarcity of the video card that I wanted prevented me from typing this message with the new rig. Now that the holiday is passed and I don’t have time to fiddle with a new computer anymore, I will wait until the reading break or even after the final exams this term.

My desired specs:
Athlon 64 s939 3000+ or 3200+
A nforce4 Ultra motherboard (I don’t have money to buy two video cards to run SLI)
1 GB of RAM (I’ll get some cheap Samsung ones if I decide I won’t overclock at all, but the alledged overclocking ability of the CPU is tempting)
A Geforce 6600GT video card (Leadtek?)
Seagate 120GB SATA Hard drive (I am thinking if it’s going to be enough….)
Antec Super Lanboy Case (primarily because of its light weight)
OCZ Modstream 450W PSU

… I think that’s it, I can just reuse the two existing optical drives.

Xanaga Opening

Only got to know about xanga after seeing my Killarney friends’ sites. I do write blogs of some sort somewhere else. But different audiences I guess.

Just finished marking the labs. A lot of people asked me if the TA job is well paid. Well… I think amount of wages doesn’t really matter all that much, since you will always find ways to spend the money. @@”

I wonder how long would it take for someone I know to discover this blog?