Is it because of me not hanging out in the campus much these days, or I really saw an unusual amount of pretty girls on the bus and around the SUB today?

Compared to the Bay Area, Vancouver is really heaven in certain aspects…

Another Round of Convocation Ceremonies

Another year, another round of convocation ceremonies…  Went to the EECE guy’s ceremony today.  Took lots of pics, shook a lot of hands congradulating their graduation.  Then the inevitable question comes up: When will I be done?  My answer is still “I don’t know.  Soon I hope.”

Went to I-cafe to have lunch afterwards and I managed to bump the rear of my car into a concrete column in the parking lot (the column was in my blind spot as I was on reverse).  Ever since I started driving, I have been overly careful with the turning and pulling in/out of parking spots (I’m sure I get laughed at more than once for it), and I still can’t avoid things like this…  Oh well, at least it’s not a huge dent, but the scratched off paint is still visible.


The rain washed out the snow pretty quickly.  By the afternoon, there’s not really visible traces of snow (other than places that had a huge stack of it).  Everywhere is flooded in UBC though.Bought a CD-shelf and mounted it on the wall just above my desk.  Didn’t have the time to populate it yet, so it’s pretty sparse for now.