Book Cover

Nothing much happened since the last entry.  Nothing really significant anyway.

The cover of the new book is finished, and here is the finished product:

Kind of odd that the price is actually part of the cover.  But I guess it’s a merchandise, so it has a price…

The book is not yet listed on online bookstores yet though.  It will be by the beginning of next month I guess.

Book Cover Draft

Another September, another start to a school year. I haven’t been productive at all this week because of all sorts of administrative stuff going on, moving offices, getting forms, keys, and what not. Hopefully things will settle down soon, as I really have to get on with the project if I don’t want to be here forever.

In other news, the publisher sent me a draft of the cover for the new book, which is slated to go on the shelves in October. Here is a preview:

I think it looks pretty nice, at least the girl is pretty. I was kind of scratching my head though, since the scene depicted on the picture is nowhere to be found in the story…