Lacking in Concentration

I thought about going home for a nap after the morning class and return to school later for the night class. But I thought better of it.

Went to Koerner after lunch instead to sleep for a couple hours and then started reading. I find that if I read at the PC Lab back in MacLeod, I’d be tempted to go onto computer hardware forums. :p

My mind still wasn’t 100% on the reading even in the library though. Lack of concentration is a prevalent problem for me this year. Did I took in too much lead by accident?


The rain washed out the snow pretty quickly.  By the afternoon, there’s not really visible traces of snow (other than places that had a huge stack of it).  Everywhere is flooded in UBC though.Bought a CD-shelf and mounted it on the wall just above my desk.  Didn’t have the time to populate it yet, so it’s pretty sparse for now.


Haven’t logged onto Friendster for so long, just found that Anthony, Sam and co. are on friendster.

It turns out there a lot of Killarney people are on there, haha.

When clicking onto random friend links, I would find that I am connected to certain people (who I know nothing about) in more than one way… I guess the Chinese community in Vancouver is not that big afterall.

BTW, what’s Zant’s real name anyway? I tried entering Anthony Ho and Friendster says I got it wrong? Did he change his name?

Oh, and my full name is David Mak for those who are interested in adding me. 🙂

Desk Conditions

I’ve grown rather unsatisfied at the conditions and facilities around my desk. I want a larger keyboard tray so that I don’t have to hang my wrist while using the mouse. I want a wall mounted CD shelf (maybe 2?) instead of the vertical one that current sits on my desk (it only contains my more frequently listened to CDs). I want a wall mounted white board to serve as a to-do list.

Perhaps I am using these as excuses to my inefficency in working? (In the style of Halu in Pride) Maybe.