Champions League Final 2005

Went Downtown to watch the match at the Lennox’s. WHAT A MATCH!!!

The atmosphere there was much better than Pit Pub, since most people at the pub there are Liverpool supporters. I sure am glad that I got myself the LFC shirt when I was in HK.

Everyone was understandably deflated and feeling sad by half-time, when we trailed 3-0. But Leo was still very calm and said that coming back is possible. And was he right. He should be a manager…

Liverpool rode a bit of luck all the way, but at the end, not a lot of teams came back from 3-0 in an European Cup final.

Towards the end of the match, most of the LFC supporters went to the other side of the pub, where they sung and watched on the big screen (I think there’s a big screen on that side). After the match was won, they finally started singing You’ll Never Walk Alone. But I guess I was too shy to join them.

But this sure is one great afternoon for me, and all other Red supporters. 😀

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  1. unbelievable result … Rafael Benitez is a good manager … now … i like Liverpool tooooo … i will use Liverpool when i play CM5 … hehehehe … =)


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