More on LEGO

On the topic of LEGO, there’s a snippet in the novel Microserfs (which is about a group of ex-Microsoft employees moving down to the Silicon Valley to make a game of virtual LEGO):

“When I was young, if I built a house out of Lego, the house had to be all in one color. I used to play Lego with Ian Ball who lived up the street, back in Bellingham. He used to make his house out of whatever color brick he happened to grab. Can you imagine the sort of code someone like that would write?”

That reminds that I always tried to keep the colours in my LEGO house uniform too. But most of the time I would run out of bricks of the same colour and had to make do with a mix of them. I wonder what that really means (except that I do not have enough LEGO bricks*)?

* But that really is the point of playing with LEGO: creating something using limited resources.

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