Just saw SSAnt’s post about soccer on Friday.  I’m ashamed to say that I’m one of those person who changed his mind in the last second.  Yes, I do feel bad about it.  But no, I didn’t flew airplane because I have something else to do.  I wore the shorts all day inside my outfit so that I can save the time of changing after getting back home.  But I was unusually tired as I was driving back home, so I figured that I should stay home.

I always try to go for soccer whenever I can.  When I have doubts about whether I can make it, I always say “I can’t make it” (sometimes I did go after saying that).  But no excuse, I made a mistake and told SSAnt that I’ll be late when he was calling, when I wasn’t sure about it.  I am sorry about that.

2 Replies to “Soccer”

  1. its okay.

    and that’s weeks ago now. Actually we are hving fun when we hv 5vs5 or 6vs6. But not 5vs6 lor, haha


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