From 18C to -8C

After 25 days, and lots of money spent (for my richer readers, I may not have spent a lot of money, but it’s enough for me to have Starbucks coffee every afternoon for a year), I have finally returned from my “holidays” in Hong Kong. Nothing much to write home about (that’s why you didn’t see any new blog entries from me during those days). I will just briefly list off some of the things that I did and I will write about them later (if I have not forget the details).

– went to the Asian Game Show (coincidentally, I arrived just in time for that) with Frank. The photos from there are already up at my album. Some people complained that there were too few pictures of girls. Well, I am just not professional enough, I guess :p

– BBQed with friends from Killarney in Aberdeen. Haven’t been to a Hong Kong-style BBQ for ages, and haven’t BBQed in the dark before (you see, I’m not a very experienced BBQer)

– wandered around Tsim Sha Tsui alone on the night of the December 24th. I really should’ve cramped into Canton Road to see Wynners instead of doing that

– went around Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Chinese University of Hong Kong, but forgot to bring my camera when I go to HKUST, so no pictures from there

– counted down for the New Year at Veronica’s place. Waiting for a mini-bus at 00:30 in Stanley is certainly a new experience for me

– went to Taipei for 3 days and 4 nights. Highlights included: Taipei 101 Observation Deck (twice, thanks to Tina), Keelung (certainly not a place for people who hate seafood, thankfully I do like them), National Taiwan University (yes, I like visiting university campuses), Yangmingshan National Park (but not the coffee shops and etc. at the waist of the hill), lots of book buying, not as much eating as last time, though

– attended the dinner following Frank and Veronica’s marriage registration. I was mistaken as Mr. Chu (the one who got married) a couple times by the waiter and waitress. I bought a Hello Kitty wedding photo album as my present to them. Hopefully I will be rich enough to get them something more serious when they have their wedding banquet

– went to the Peak, but did not bring the camera (orz)

– a lot of my lunch were eaten at the Maxim’s below Leo’s place

– visiting book stores is still my favourite way to kill time

– things that I did not do: sing karaoke (actually, I did sing at Veronica’s place, but it’s different than going to a karaoke box), ride on Ngon Ping “saam luk ling” (too far + the news of its break downs put me off), go to Disneyland (never a fan of Disney stuff, and what’s the point of going alone/without a girl?) nor the Ocean Park (have been there before)

– friends that I did not get to meet: Chris, Leo, and others from my undergraduate years (with the exception of Ar Hang and Kelvin), Gilbert (add me to your MSN, dude) and…

I will just leave it at this for now. Will write more later (hopefully).

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