UML Class Diagram of a Romance Story

Okay, so here is a UML class diagram of the story that I’m currently writing:

(click for a larger version of image)

warning: Software engineering jargon follow.

So, the main characters are modeled as classes, and they are linked together with either one-way or two-way associations (since the story is not sci-fi, there cannot be more than one instance of each character, so all relationships are one-to-one relationships). This diagram works in a similar way of mind maps, and will hopefully help me in better organizing the story.

I am also trying to use story cards to juggle and layout the sequence of events (this technique has been used before by various writers), as well as building early prototypes (this story is based on a previous short story). So you see I’m trying to adopt Agile development methods in literary (?) writing.

Is it me or anyone else find it strange to have Chinese characters in a class diagram?

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