Smuggling Computer Parts

I read on a HK computer hardware forum that some guys need to buy and install new computer hardware in secret because they’re afraid that their wives would know. Some commented that some wives would get their husbands to open up the computer case (no, no, no, the wives won’t do it themselves, most females think that touching the insides of a computer would make them age faster, remember?) and take pictures of the inside, so that the wife can check whether the husband swapped any of the components… -_________-” + orz

Some commented that they don’t like to use cases with side windows because of that reason…

If there’s something that would scare me away from marriages, this would really be it. Imagine this:

Wife: (measuring the length of the monitor using a tape measure) How come the monitor is longer today? Last week it was 30″, how come it is 37″ today?

(the wife doesn’t even realize the colour and brand of the monitor is different)

Me: urm… It… grew by itself! Yes, that is one of the monitor’s feature. That’s why I spent $1500 on it.

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  1. sounds unreasonable on the wives’ part, but:

    If there’s something that would scare me away from marriages, it would be the thought of my husband going online to to chat with these other bunch of men (who he probably doesn’t even know in real), to talk about me behind my back and to exchange ideas/strategies to hide something from me.

    let’s hope that they had all found out why the wives don’t let them buy computer parts BEFORE they post their messages on the forum…

  2. I’m sure there are plenty of good reasons for restricting the husband’s spending, like having a mortgage to pay off, have to save money for the new born baby, etc. Men should be financially responsible, but I just think it’s pretty sad that it has to come to collecting photographic evidence. Where is the trust? Why getting married if you don’t trust the other person? (There’s a lot of people getting married just because they think they “should,” I know)

    I personally find nothing wrong with discussing these kind of things in an anonymous forum. At least the guy is not running off to his friends and relatives and give them something to gossip about.

  3. I think this is absolutely hilarious! People should lighten up and appreciate the humour in this! How much of a control freak does one have to be to take a picture of the interior of the PC for comparison purposes?

    And what is the wife going to do if / when she finds “discrepancies”? Throw a fit? “You either choose me, or your new sound card!” Imagine the uproar if a husband is to take a picture of the wife’s wardrobe to check to see if she spent money on clothes? I mean, a few pairs of those lululemon pants can buy a very good LCD monitor!

    Maybe this story shouldn’t scare us off marriage. It should scare us off being married to a certain type of personality.


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