My New Story

My newest long story, 那些錯身以過的愛情, is now posted on my web site. I’ve spent a year writing the story (I’m slow, I know). I don’t think I went through a lot in the past year, but some important things did happen. So, to say the story has nothing to do with how I felt would be a blatant lie. What I always want to record are my feelings, not what happened, so you won’t see events that actually happened to me in my stories. :p It’s too dangerous to write real-life stuff, you know.Technically speaking (i.e. in terms of writing skills), the story is an improvement over my past stories (I’m almost afraid to read some of the things that I wrote in the past). But is this story better than my previous ones?  Hmm, I don’t know, go read it and decide for yourself. :p

For those of you who absolutely hates reading off the screen and somehow you’re willing to buy my book (may I offer you a hug?), you may have to wait a while. If the story actually made it to the printing press, that is.

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