Writing Skills

grad school / 研究所

Since I have started on grad, my writing skills were called into question a number of times… I guess it’s a result of my lack of willingness to improve my written English skills… I often find myself lost for words when I’m writing, resulting in slow progress AND low quality… What a deadly combination this is.

When Yvonne’s paper was marked like a handkerchief with blood stains all over it after it was marked by the ICS writing assistance person, I wonder when I submit mine some time in the future, my paper will get sent back to me for rewriting after the first section is read…


2 thoughts on “Writing Skills

  1. hope to see u got paper published =) i dun think we will have any social at end of this term.. i finally finish my duty as miss soco this year

  2. They are supposed to be the people who catch bugs, or else they are fired (or something like that), so they are experts in the field and no need to worry about getting back bloods on your paper. In any case they catch the bugs for you so hopefully those bugs won’t be in the eyes of the public; it’s a good thing.


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