PSP vs Gameboy

Another evidence of how times has changed:(Picture link broken 🙁 The picture was supposed to be a PSP along with a Gameboy)

I would be really interested if only they have a video/audio out which I can hook up to a tv so that it can serve both as a home and portable console…
edit: and, there’s no definite release date for Winning Eleven PSP yet…

And looks like we’re nowhere near PS3 yet.

3 Replies to “PSP vs Gameboy”

  1. re Lewis:

    I don’t know where I abandoned my gameboy at… Maybe I lent it to someone and didn’t get it back…

    re Eric:

    No, and probably not anytime soon… Too high prices, too few games, and may still have issues to be worked out… Maybe a year from now, but not now.


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