A Conversation

So, the following conversation occured:

friend: 死勒,我居然開始有睇靚女既習慣
me: 係邊?
friend: 最後個行…
me: 角落頭?
friend: 係呀,你都有留意…
me: 係呀
friend: 佢係你個年架?
me: 唔係,應該係今年 third year 既
friend: 噤細個?
friend: 我留意到佢好吱吱喳喳,好多野講
me: 係呀,我都覺得
friend: 你都留意到?證明你都有留意靚女既習慣
me: (微微一笑) taste 仲好近似添
friend: 你知唔知佢叫咩名?
me: 唔知道
friend: 噤你同我 dive in 既程度差唔多…

So, what’s so special about the story anyway? My friend is a girl. 🙂

6 Replies to “A Conversation”

  1. dive in? dim guy ar… ng hai ho ming wor…

    and i love the conversation..especially when it turn out to be a girl..haha

  2. not a lot of girls deny that they check out other girls, which makes them different from men.

    I mean, straight guys don’t check out guys. Period.


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