Calling from Mars

travel / 出行

I just tried to make a long distance call to a travel agency (don’t ask me why I did that) and it went like this:

A = agent, D = me

A: XX (<- travel agency’s name)
D: 唔該我想問下關於年底去台北機票同酒店
A: 喂?
D: 喂?
A: 喂?

*click* from the other side.

The above was preceded by an “automated” answering system and a mandatory advertisement of their $6xxx New Zealand deal good until January 31st and they’ll give you a limited quantity New Zealand travel map as a gift.

I know Vancouver may not be the most modern of places, but I thought long distance telephony is not something new? I really do not know who to blame for this, frankly.


3 thoughts on “Calling from Mars

  1. I thought I asked you not to ask. :p

    It’s because I want to book my trip from Hong Kong to Taiwan early (New Year’s Day is a long weekend). Speaking of which, are you really going to go back to Taiwan for the winter holidays?

  2. hm… dad is not letting me go back ar, I would love to spend the new year in Taiwan tho….I have always wanted to…arghhhhhhhhhh >=D…….he thinks i’m troublesome thaz why…..


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